Make it shiny

It’s a given that homeowners should be mindful of color and mood in the rooms they stage. Homebuyers make their decisions based on emotions, and if the rooms of your home are dark or gloomy, that gives the buyer the wrong impression. But home sellers should also be wary of dressing up even a bright room too blandly. Dull furnishings won’t do a thing to complement bright paint, vivid upholstery, or natural light.

One of the hottest home staging trends throughout the years is metal accents. Having a slight metal accent to a room can really add that luxurious feel to it, and also has the advantage of being shiny and eye-catching. Reflective surfaces and shiny accoutrements draw the homebuyers’ eyes and give a room a suave, sophisticated, enlivened air. Silver, bronze, brass, even a dash of gold or titanium—anything with a metallic sheen will go a long way toward pepping up your staged home and making it look more luxurious. According to The National Association of Realtors’ Realtor Magazine, it is okay to mix metals in your designs. “Combine warm metal colors. Brass, gold, and bronze can work well together since they share similar warm values versus shiny nickel, which leans toward the colder.”

If you want to make your home pop, here are some ways to bring out the bling:

  • Fabric detailing. Reflective gold or silver patterns on cushions or throws will function in the same way as real metals in livening up the room. Metallic detailing on upholstery and fabrics adds a burst of light and color and draws attention to cozy furniture without looking cheap or gaudy.
  • Mirrors. Glass is a stager’s best friend. Mirrors make rooms seem larger, reflect light, and brighten up dark spaces. When paired with an attractive gold or brass frame, they can even be sophisticated accents all on their own.
  • Non-reflective glass. Globes or glass balls—any clear, rounded piece of glass—will also add shine and sparkle to a room. Set up a glass ball in a ceramic bowl filled with river pebbles, and you’ve added light, color, and texture to your staged area all at once!
  • Silver and gold trays. Why throw a boring old bowl of fruit and some magazines on a coffee table when you can dress it up with a gold or silver tray? Functioning much the same way as a mirror, metallic trays brighten up a room, reflecting light and creating the illusion of space—and they look mighty classy doing it.
  • Gold or brass frames. Gold and brass have a small advantage over silver—they add warmth as well as luxury to a room. Add a few gold or brass frames to your paintings, prints, or photographs, and they’ll pop right off the wall. Metallic frames are also paired well with mirrors (see above).
  • Bronze. Nothing says “sophistication” like a set of bronze lamps, or a handsome bronze globe set up on or near a mahogany desk, or even a bronze sculpture on a shelf or table. Bronze’s brownish-gold color lends warmth and austerity to a room, while its dull sheen isn’t as gaudy as the shinier metals. It’s perfect for dressing up a study, office, or bedroom.

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