Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is home staging?
Staging is the art of refurnishing and redecorating a home to appeal to the broadest possible range of buyers. Experienced home stagers go beyond merely arranging furniture in rooms and paintings on the walls, and seek to create a particular kind of mood, the physical manifestation of a home buyer’s imagination. By helping buyers visualize their dreams, home staging helps to a quick sale and a higher selling price.

How much does home staging cost?
Since we don’t empty a storage locker and each job is customized, call or email us for a quote. Every $100 you spend on staging equals $399 you get back after the sale of your home, according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2011. That’s an ROI (return on investment) of nearly 400%!

Is home staging really worth it?
Staged homes usually earn back their full listing price or more. Unstaged homes may sell for 10%-40% lower than the owner’s original asking price. According to the NAR, staged homes also sell faster and receive more offers. By spending a few thousand dollars to stage your home, you ensure that you’ll receive the home’s full value when it sells.

Why should I stage my home even if the market is good?
Even a booming market is no guarantee that you’ll get full price for your home. If your home is cluttered, cramped, or filled with outdated furniture, buyers will have a hard time overlooking these cosmetic flaws and seeing the house’s full potential.

Why can’t I just stage my own home?
Not only is staging your own home stressful, but it can be difficult for homeowners to stay objective. A professional home staging company can quickly and inexpensively stage your home so that a wide spectrum of buyers will be interested in it. Staged homes, on average, sell for 6% more—that’s thousands of dollars in your pocket. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to watch a professional home staging team give your house a makeover.

Can’t buyers just use their imaginations?
Details such as location, price, age, and other factors are important to prospective buyers. But buyers also trust their gut. Homes are deeply personal: a person’s most intimate sanctum, a comforting refuge from the unfriendly world. Emotions and feelings play a strong role in the decision to buy a home. Even a few hundred dollars’ worth of staging can mean the difference between selling high or selling low. Furthermore, buyers are likely to pay more for a house that’s furnished and ready.

Does the whole house need to be staged?
What matters most is staging the most well-used and public areas of the house: living areas, dining rooms, kitchens, master suites, and bathrooms. We focus on those key areas to give the house a fresh, spacious, new look and maximize buyer interest.